Is Username case-sensitive?

No, username is not case sensitive.

Is password case-sensitive?


I have a prefix in my name, should I include it?

Please type your first name/last name as it's EXACTLY shown on your member ID card.

My spouse and I share the same email, is it OK?

Yes, it's OK. Just use a different username to register an account for each of you.

I registered, but I didn't receive your confirmation email. What can I do?

You could also email us to confirm your email:

Email Title: your full name and your member ID (e.g. John Doe (#123456789*00)).
Email Message: This is the email I used for registration, please complete my registration.

Once verified, our customer service team will grant you account access.



I was able to log in, but somehow I cannot log in now.

To log in, you will need the correct username and password.

If you cannot log in, it means you have used incorrect username and/or password.

Please see below on how to retrieve your username and reset your password.

I forgot my username, what can I do?

Please click the following link to have your username email to you.
Forgot Username

I forgot my password, what can I do?

Please click the following link to reset your password.
Forgot Password